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Water SPY

Water SPY

Imagine no more lifiting heavy lids and taking your life in your hands to read the meter! WaterSPY allows you to get real time data to conserve water and save money.

Energy Managers have wrestled with the challenge of monitoring their water consumption for quite some time, getting just one index reading can be both back breaking and time consuming. But now here is the opportunity to get hourly profile data of your water usage without any real work!

By installing the HomeRider CallRider 100, adding the TRAK to your meter and if needed, strategic placement of a REPEATER you can be analysing your own data within 24 hours.

Even better than that, Leakage Detection is almost real time, with alerts that can be sent directly to you by email  whenever there is any unsuspected activity. More often than not the return on investment of your WaterSPY installtion can be gained in a very short timeframe and provides an inexpensive insurance policy against future leaks.